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Mantis Announces Blackbeard Training Device

Mantis Announces Blackbeard Training Device

Looking for a way to up the realism of your dryfire training? Mantis Tech has a solution. A common problem when dryfire training is having to reset your hammer for every shot. While one can generally get around this with a handgun by using a double-action model, its a far harder proposition with a long gun. This is where the Mantis Blackbeard comes in. 
Blackbeard with box and case on white
The device drops into a standard AR-15 platform in place of the bolt, and once in place, works in conjunction with a specialized Blackbeard magazine. Using self-described "electromagnetic wizardry," the Blackbeard is then able to reset the hammer between each shot, allowing the user to fire up to 10 times a second. Nothing is modified in the trigger group, and it behaves exactly the same with an identical weight, break, and reset. A laser also emits from the barrel, making the Blackbeard compatible with many dryfire targeting systems.

Blackbeard fully installed

While obviously a product geared more toward the tactical community, hunters who favor the AR-15 platform could also benefit from the sort of practice the device enables. Hog hunters especially, already accustomed to a more rapid pace of target acquisition and firing, will find the Blackbeard provides an excellent opportunity for realistic training.

For more information on this, and other training products from Mantis Tech, check out mantisx.comMSRP: $199-249

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