First Look: Swagger QD42 and QD72 Bipods

posted on March 2, 2021
There are quite a few bipods in the world, but few bill themselves as designed specifically for hunters. Fewer still boast that they are intended for use in nearly every kind of hunting situation, and will support crossbows just as well as rifles. Swagger's QD42 and QD72, however, promise just that.

Utilizing patented Flex Ready Technology, the legs of both the QD42 and the QD72 sport adjustable, telescoping legs with flexible joints for maneuverability. This allows a hunter to track a moving target and traverse over the landscape, while simultaneously putting him or her in the ready position at a moment's notice.

Swagger QD Bipod in use

If in a blind or other seated position, the QD42 extends from 14- to 42-inches in length, while the QD72 starts at 24-inches and can extend all the way to 72-inches for when the hunter needs to take a standing shot.

The "QD" stands for "quick-detach," and both the QD42 and QD72 incorporate the same QD system. Press the button in the yoke center to open the QD mechanism, and release the button to close it, for an attach/detach procedure requiring only seconds. This system will attached directly to a Picatinny rail, to a sling swivel when utilizing the provided adapter, or to the swivel stud at the end of a shotgun magazine cap, using a separately sold shotgun adapter.

For more information on either bipod, the QD42 weighing in at 15 ounces, and the QD72 at 25 ounces, please visit swaggerbipods.comMSRP: $129.99


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