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CWD-Free Deer Attractant

CWD-Free Deer Attractant

Every year, it seems like the threat of CWD spreads a little further. With such a menace to the deer population, its nice to find a deer attractant that not only guarantees itself to be CWD free, but does so in its very name. CWD-Free Deer Attractant, from Inventive Outdoors, is a  hybridized urine attractant that is fully CWD free, and is legal in all States that allow scent attractants. 

Using its patent-pending urine neutralization and conversion system, Inventive Outdoors was able to create a true urine-based “hybrid” deer attractant. This neutralization and conversion process targets “bad” or unwanted compounds found in urine while leaving the “good” or desired compounds in it. Their system also targets uric acid and neutralizes the urine pH, thereby prohibiting the generation of ammonia. Because of this, the attractant does not degrade over time and is as fresh on the fourth day in a scrape as it was the day it was applied. When the neutralized urine is combined with the proprietary scent additives containing synthesized natural compounds, the result is a urine-based, 100% CWD-free deer attractant. Inventive Outdoors’ attractants are not Cervidae urine-based so there is no risk of spreading CWD prions through its use.

For more information, on CWD Free, which comes in 4-ounce bottles of Whitetail Estrous, Whitetail Buck, Whitetail Doe and Whitetail Tarsal, please visit cwd-free.comMSRP: $12.97

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