First Look: BOG Game Cameras

posted on July 2, 2020
BOG has recently released a line of game cameras, designed in-house from the ground up. Featuring a patented, removable menu with three-inch viewing screens, these BOG cameras deliver clear images and video, no matter the environment. 

The first model, termed the Blood Moon, is a dual-sensor infrared camera. Boasting sub-.2-second trigger speeds, five capture modes, up to a year of battery life and a 120-foot flash range, the Blood Moon also includes a large variety of image tag information, designed to help track a deer herd to the precise moment, location and climatic condition.

The Clandestine, which features the same basic features as the Blood Moon, sacrifices 20-feet of flash range to achieve a fully invisible flash, and utilizes a single-sensor infrared camera.

For more information on either of these game cameras, check out boghunt.comMSRP: $199.99-$219.99


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