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SEVR Introduces Titanium 2.1 Broadheads

SEVR Introduces Titanium 2.1 Broadheads

SEVR two-blade mechanical expandable broadhead closed, on a white background.
SEVR Broadheads has released a two-blade expandable broadhead, designated the SEVR Titanium (Ti) 2.1. With a mechanical action, the Ti 2.1 is rated for all hunting-weight bows and high-speed crossbows, though its forward-blade pivot is especially ideal for crossbows. Additionally, all models use SEVR's patented Lock-and-Pivot blade design, intended to allow the arrow to maintain a straight-through path even when encountering bone or taking acute quartering shots. Finally, SEVR Broadheads feature Practice Lock Practice Mode technology, where a supplied setscrew can be inserted into the ferrule to lock the blades safely in their un-deployed position. Since the cutting edges are protected inside the ferrule, the SEVR heads are sharp and ready to hunt once the setscrew is removed. This gives bowhunters assurance their broadheads will hit on target, eliminating the uncertainty of using cheap practice heads.

SEVR broadheads come in 100- and 125-grain variants, and are only sold consumer-direct. For more information or to order, please visit sevrbroadheads.comMSRP: $13.99
SEVR two-blade mechanical expandable broadhead half open.

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