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First Look: Federal FireStick

First Look: Federal FireStick

In an effort to defeat muzzleloaders oldest enemy—moisture—Federal has released its all-new FireStick. A polymer-encapsulated propellant charge full of clean-burning Hodgdon Triple Eight, the FireStick is loaded from the breech, while the bullet is still pushed in from the muzzle. Impervious to moisture, the encased nature of the FireStick also makes it easy to unload, as one can simply slip it out of the action—theres no need to fire the rifle. This is compatible with the .50-caliber Traditions NitroFire, which allows for the insertion of the FireStick into the action, while a bullet shelf in the barrel ensures the bullet seats in the same spot every time. To ignite the charge, the shooter inserts a 209 shotgun primer in the either 100- or 120-gr. FireStick. Federal's FireStick is advertised to work well with Federal Premium Trophy Copper or Lead Tipped muzzleloader bullets. For more information, please visit federalpremium.comMSRP: $26.95

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