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First Look: Winchester Deer Season Slug

First Look: Winchester Deer Season Slug

Winchester’s Deer Season line of rifle ammunition proved to be a huge hit among deer hunters, and this year, the company has extended the line to include Deer Season slugs for those who make their venison with a smoothbore shotgun.

Available in 12-gauge with a 1⅛ ounce rifled slug, Winchester’s unique design is centered around the Integrated Rear Stabilized Wad, which travels to the target with the slug, separating upon impact. The combination results in greatly improved accuracy, as well as retained velocity to maximize energy downrange.

With a muzzle velocity of 1600 fps, Winchester’s Deer Season slug generates an appreciable amount of energy—over 3,000 ft.-lbs.—and will most definitely ruin a big buck’s day.

If you wish to use a smoothbore shotgun for your deer hunting, give the Winchester Deer Season slug an audition; the field reports all indicate that it makes the most of the traditional shotgun barrel. The new Deer Season slugs are available in 5-round boxes and have a shelf price of about $5.99 per box.

For more information, visit winchester.com.

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