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First Look: Mule Light Version 2.0

First Look: Mule Light Version 2.0

A good flashlight is like a good knife—both are difficult to come by, and both are things hunters can't have enough of. Picking one out, though, isn't always easy. I recently had the chance to try out the new Mule Light Version 2.0 from UV Paqlite and came away impressed. Here are five things you need to know.

It’s a something of an All-in-One solution.
The Mule Light V2 isn’t a simple flashlight. It features a 300 lumen spotlight, a 6 LED Work Light, a 6 LED UV/Black Light, a red lens filter and a reusable glow stick, all out of the box. That’s not a bad package, given the price (more on that in a bit).

The reusable glow stick is new, and works.
Most of the Mule Light V2's features were available on the original design. The hybrid function that's made available by the reusable glow stick, though, is new. It’s a neat little feature that I’ve not seen on many flashlights. UV Paqlite has packed the stick with large crystals of strontium aluminate. After just a few seconds of exposure to the 6 LED Work Light (which it slots in on top of), the glow stick is capable of producing a bright—but still subtle—low-energy solution. Whether you’re looking to remain unseen by nearby game or just trying to save your battery power for later in the hunt, it’s a nice option to have available.

Two battery pack options are included.
This is an underrated feature. Each Mule Light ships with a battery pack that runs on three AAA batteries—as well as an additional pack that sports a rechargeable lithium ion battery. What that provides is flexibility. Don’t want to keep buying batteries? You can recharge the Mule Light using the included USB cable. Going afield and not sure when you’ll be able to plug it in again? A pocketful of batteries will keep your light illuminated. Everybody wins.

A detachable red lens filter is included.
The Mule Light features a detachable red lens filter that's fits snugly on the tail end of the flashlight. If you need to be a bit more covert with your lighting solution, no worries—just slide the red lens over the beam and you're good to go.

It's affordable.
Right now, the basic Mule Light V2 is shipping with an MSRP of $49.95. That includes the light, a reusable glow stick and the AAA battery cartridge. The deluxe version comes with all of that, plus the rechargeable lithium ion battery solution and a carrying case. It's available for $74.95. Hard to argue with that.

For more information, go to UVPaqlite.com.

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