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Rage Broadheads Releases Hypodermic Trypan

Rage Broadheads Releases Hypodermic Trypan

Rage Broadheads has helped change opinions about the effectiveness of mechanical heads. It has a strong following in the archery world and in 2017 has gone a step further in design by building a ferrule out of titanium.

The Hypodermic Trypan has incredible strength and still provides the lethal and huge slap-cuts on entry while the blades sweep back as they are deployed for unprecedented penetration. The titanium ferrule is tapered to a point to give it a needle-like appearance, which is where the unique name comes from. Trypanophobia is the fear of needles, and anything facing the 100-grain Hypodermic Trypan should be fearful. The Hypodermic Trypan has .039-inch-thick stainless steel blades and a 2-inch cutting diameter, which creates a slap-cut entry hole excess of 2.5 inches.

The broadheads come with a one-time use collar that is indexed to notches in the titanium ferrule, so they always go on correctly. The Rage Hypodermic Trypan comes in a three-pack with a practice tip, at an MSRP of $54.99.

For more information, go to RageBroadheads.com.

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