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posted on September 21, 2015

John Browning’s vision and uncompromising pursuit of excellence have fueled the Browning culture and generations of American hunters and shooters for more than 125 years. Today Browning, a name that carries iconic status, introduced its own line of branded ammo. Browning Ammunition delivers premium products that proudly wear the Buckmark at reasonable prices. 

Consumers will see several lines on store shelves: centerfire rifle ammo for big game; shotshell loads for waterfowl and upland birds, and target shooting; rimfire loads for hunting and target shooting; centerfire hollowpoint pistol loads for personal defense; and centerfire full metal jacket loads for target shooting. Each is focused on its intended use with designs engineered for higher efficiency with maximum effect in hunting, personal defense and sport shooting.

In 2016, American hunters can expect to see:

BXR Rapid Expansion is designed specifically to expand rapidly on deer- and antelope-size game. A unique copper Matrix Tip ensures high downrange velocity and energy retention while simultaneously initiating rapid expansion. The jacket/tip combination delivers accuracy, rapid energy transfer and knockdown power. It will be available in deer-specific calibers and bullet weights at $28-$30 per box of 20. The first load to be released will be a .270 Win. 134-grain load with muzzle velocity of 3060 fps and muzzle energy of 2,786 ft.-lbs.

BXC Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip is intended for use on big game like elk, moose, mule deer and bears. A bonded bullet with Browning’s brass Terminal Tip penetrates tough hide and breaks through strong bones. Heavy bullets coupled with boattail design increase downrange velocity, accuracy and energy. Core/jacket bonding aids weight retention, which improves penetration. Expect to see prices of $35-$37 per box of 20.

BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance is packed with round steel shot launched from a drag-stabilized wad at high velocity to improve downrange patterns, penetration and energy delivery. Expect to see prices of $20-$21 per box of 25. Waterfowl hunters can expect to see:

• 12-gauge 31/2-inch, 11/2-ounce loads at 1500 fps in BB and No. 2;
• 12-gauge 3-inch, 11/4-ounce loads at 1450 fps in BB and Nos. 2, 4;
• 20-gauge 3-inch, 1-ounce loads at 1300 fps in No. 2.

BXD Upland Extra Distance is nickel-plated lead shot for use on upland birds. It’s launched at high velocity for improved patterning and energy delivery. Expect prices of $17-$18 per box of 25. Loads most useful to hunters will include:

• 12-gauge 3-inch, 15/8 ounces at 1350 fps in No. 5;
• 12-gauge 23/4-inch, 13/8 ounces at 1485 fps in Nos. 5 and 6;
• 20-gauge 3-inch, 11/4 ounces at 1250 fps in Nos. 5 and 6;
• 20-gauge 23/4-inch, 1 ounce at 1300 fps in No. 5.

BPR Performance Rimfire will come in three flavors:

• 400-round bulk pack with 40-grain black lead, roundnose bullets (MV 1255 fps, ME 140 ft.-lbs.) for target shooting and plinking;
• 100-round plastic pack with 40-grain copper-plated lead hollowpoint bullets (MV 1435 fps, ME 183 ft.-lbs.) for high-velocity hunting and target shooting;
• 50-round plastic pack with 37-grain fragmenting bullets (MV 1400 fps, ME 161 ft.-lbs.) for hunting. 

Other Browning Ammunition of interest to shooters anywhere includes:

• BPT Performance Target for clays shooters;
• BXP Personal Defense centerfire pistol loads in .380, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP featuring hollowpoint X-Point bullets and black nickel-plated cases for personal defense;
• BPT Performance Target centerfire pistol loads in .380, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP with full metal jacket bullets and black nickel-plated cases for target shooting and training.

Browning Ammunition is the result of a strategic collaboration between Winchester Ammunition of East Alton, Ill., and Browning of Morgan, Utah. Winchester is responsible for product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. The alliance connects world leaders in firearm and ammunition manufacturing, as well as legendary brands.

“An alliance with Browning allows us to drive strategic ammunition products deep into the hunting and shooting sports categories,” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales, marketing and strategy for Winchester. “This is a significant milestone in the history books of both companies.” 

“Browning Ammunition builds upon the legacy and heritage of our brand while introducing innovative products that will carry the iconic Buckmark symbol,” said Travis Hall, Browning president and CEO. “It is a tremendous opportunity to partner with Winchester, the world’s leading manufacturer of ammunition for shooters and hunters.”

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