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Video: Bear Attacks Deer in Colorado Family's Yard

Editor's Note: The video embedded above is a bit graphic.

As hunters, we're well aware of how nature works—some animals eat other animals, same as we do. But even knowing that, it's hard to be prepared to watch nature take its course in your backyard, which is allegedly what happened to a Colorado man earlier this week. A viral video that's made its way around the web offers an up close and personal look at a young black bear's determined effort to make itself a venison dinner.

A Colorado Springs man told KOAA5 that the young bear—not a particularly uncommon sight, given the area—had been prowling the neighborhood, poking through trashcans, when it apparently came across an already injured deer. And so the battle began.

The young bear, which looks cinnamon-phase, spends most of the video latched onto the deer's back, teeth in the wounded animal's neck. The bruin wasn't a large one (heck, the deer might actually have been bigger) and, as such, has some difficulty finishing its prey. We never do get to see the final outcome of the struggle, but the KOAA5 report mentions that local law enforcement eventually put the deer down and let the bear run off, suggesting that it'd be going hungry for at least a little while longer.

What do you folks think? Was the bear trying to bite off more than it could chew?

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