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Safety Harnesses

Safety Harnesses

undefinedQ: I am a bow hunter and my wife keeps insisting that I wear a safety harness, but I don’t like the idea of being tied up and having my movement impeded. Is there a comfortable harness you would recommend?

A: Your wife is definitely right. Anyone who hunts from a stand or any other elevated platform must wear a safety harness. There are numbers of cases where very experienced hunters have been seriously injured or killed falling out of a stand. Today, when it comes to harnesses, comfort and safety go hand in hand. Companies such as Summit and Hunter Safety System offer various lightweight, durable and comfortable models that will not impede your movements. Luckily, with the today’s technology, we don’t have to compromise on safety or comfort--we can have it all. Get a harness, practice putting it on and shooting while wearing it, and use it every time you climb a tree.

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