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Hunter's Specialties Strut Seat

Hunter's Specialties Strut Seat

An epic standoff with a boss gobbler that ends with spurs in the air is what makes spring turkey season. It can also be a pain in the butt, literally. Rocks, roots and other forest-floor detritus all conspire to leave an impression on your posterior. Waiting out a big tom--don't you dare shift your body--can become uncomfortable to say the least.

My solution: the Hunter's Specialties Strut Seat. A webbed platform on an aluminum frame, the Strut Seat gets your butt off the ground so you are no longer subject to prolonged pokes, prods and jabs below the belt. The legs on the seat fold somewhat flat, and an attached sling lets you carry it over your shoulder.

Yes, it's yet another piece of gear to drag through the woods, but the Strut Seat has saved my butt many dozens of times. I've yet to place my rear on a foam pad that's as comfortable. I once waited on a strutter in plain view for almost two hours until he left the field to find out why the hen talking to him wouldn't budge. The seat kept my mind focused on the bird and not my butt, and I ended up killing him at 28 paces. I'll leave my turkey vest at home before I ditch the Strut Seat.

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