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Fly Casting 101

Fly Casting 101

Frank Angelo, owner of Red Tail Ridge Outdoor Center in McClure, Pa., has been demonstrating techniques for more accurate and productive fly casting at the Harrisburg show for 40 years, and he's back again this year, sharing his knowledge of a sport that has confounded more than a few anglers in its day.

"People get into fly fishing and they work too hard," said Angelo. "The harder you cast the worse it goes. Fly fishing is all about energy."

With a simple flick of the wrist, he demonstrated just how easy fly fishing can look.

"Keep the elbow down, use it as a lever, " Angelo instructed. "Keep your thumb on top of the rod, and when you are at the top of your back cast, hesitate for a few seconds, counting to three, before bringing the rod and line forward."

Hesitate too long and the momentum of the line is lost. Release too soon and your cast will come up short—and likely too hard—scaring away fish in the area.

"A good cast is comfortable and controlled and doesn't not scare fish," Angelo said.

You can catch (no pun intended) Angelo's fly fishing demonstration daily at the fly casting pond in the fishing hall. For a times and a full schedule of events, visit www.GreatAmericanOutdoorShow.org.

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