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Three Things Scarier Than Halloween

Three Things Scarier Than Halloween

Not everything we do on Halloween is scary. As hunters and conservationists, we know that not doing something also can be scary. Here are my top three examples for this Halloween.

No. 1: Not Joining the NRA
If you're not an NRA member, stop letting NRA's 4 million members carry the torch for you. The anti-hunters aren't going anywhere. Whether you hunt with gun or bow, the NRA is the reason you're doing it--at all. NRA is the unifying voice for all hunters, shooters and all hunting and conservation organizations. Visit membership.nrahq.org

No. 2: Not Wearing a Safety Harness
Please don't climb into your stand this afternoon without wearing a safety harness—and without attaching the lifeline before you start to climb. I slipped once while getting into a stand and was lucky I was wearing a safety harness. Though I caught myself before I actually fell, it showed how fast accidents can happen. Any ladies reading this will want to check out Hunter Safety System's (HSS) new Ladies Contour vest designed specifically to fit the contours of a woman's body. Trust me: I use it faithfully and can tell you it's ideal. Features include 1.25-inch upper-body webbing, a shock-absorbing tether and waist buckle that reduces bulk and overall weight to 2.5 pounds, three Right-Fit stretch panels for a snug fit and ample range of movement, and even stylish turquoise piping and accents. Of course, in keeping with example No. 1, HSS also offers the NRA Patriot vest. Visit huntersafetysystem.com For another good option, check out the Seat-O-the-Pants climbing safety harnesses from Summit Treestands, which was my first harness.

No. 3: Not Registering for the 2015 SCI Hunters' Convention
If you've never been to the annual SCI Hunters' Convention, treat yourself on trick-or-treat day and pre-register for the 2015 event in Las Vegas, Feb. 4-7. SCI is offering pre-registration discounts—I know because I just registered. Dubbed the "Ultimate Hunters' Market," the SCI show is where you go to visit hundreds of hunting and fishing outfitters from North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific under one roof. The world's best taxidermy will be on display and you'll do double-takes as you check out all the booths selling artwork and collectibles. Of course, there are also the many archery, firearm, ammo, knife and equipment manufacturers! Visit showsci.org.

TRIVIA: Now for something that is scary: Watch out for all those jack-o'-lanterns tonight. According to Irish legend, the jack-o'-lantern was named after a fellow named Stingy Jack. Jack thought he had tricked the devil, but the devil had the last laugh by condemning Jack to an eternity of wandering the planet with only an ember of hellfire for light!

Happy Halloween!

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