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Nosler Announces BT Ammunition

Nosler Announces BT Ammunition

Nosler's ballistic tip bullets have long been popular among America's deer, antelope and hog hunters—a fact that has inspired the company to introduce a new line of ballistic-tip hunting cartridges for 2015: BT Ammunition.

Offered in popular non-magnum hunting cartridges with bullet weights and muzzle velocities that are optimized for deer, antelope and hogs, Nosler BT Ammunition is meant to serve as a go-to option among hunters seeking the aforementioned game.

Constructed with a tapered jacket using Nosler's unique manufacturing process, the Ballistic Tip bullet is designed to produce a large impact velocity window of 1800fps-3200fps, providing controlled expansion and reliable performance on medium sized game.

BT Hunting Ammunition will be available through distributors nationwide.

Available Calibers:

• .243 Win.—90gr. Ballistic Tip
• .270 Win.—140gr. Ballistic Tip
• 7mm-08 Rem.—120gr. Ballistic Tip
• .30-30 Win.—150gr. Ballistic Tip
• .308 Win.—125gr. & 165gr. Ballistic Tip
• .30-06 Sprg.—125gr. & 180gr Ballistic Tip

For more information, go to Nosler.com

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