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Federal Premium 10 mm Hunting Ammo

Federal Premium 10 mm Hunting Ammo

Once it was thought that the 10 mm might replace the .45 ACP as the preeminent big-bore personal-defense round, but for reasons of stout recoil, gun availability/cost and the staying power of the M1911, that didn’t happen. The big 10 is still with us, of course, but it never really has carved out more than a cult following. That cult is bound to get a little bigger now as a result of a new load from Federal Premium featuring their 180 gr. Trophy Bonded Jacketed Soft-Point bullet. This loading settles old questions about semi-auto handgun suitability for hunting deer-sized game, or perhaps more importantly, for use as a backup protection for hunters and others who might find themselves in close encounters with bears, wild hogs or mountain lions.

Harnessing all the 10 mm’s power potential, the load produces a muzzle velocity of 1275 fps and delivers ample downrange energy for ethical kills on deer and hogs, and enough at attack ranges to give shooters at least a fighting chance with dangerous beasts.

Learn more about the new load with the video embedded below.

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