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Best Online Resources for Wild Game

Best Online Resources for Wild Game

With the holidays coming, it’s about that time for party hosts and hostesses everywhere to start racking their brains for ways to impress their guests with creative, unique dishes. And what better (and tastier) way to do that than to incorporate wild game?

Unfortunately, you may not be blessed enough to have access to these delectable meats. Or maybe you’re just a hunter who has had some bad luck? Either way, there are several convenient places you can order some less traditional proteins to make the holiday dinner table much more enticing.

Broken Arrow Ranch provides meats such as axis and fallow venison, South Texas antelope, wild boar, a variety of sausages and even combo packs for gifts, parties, barbeques, etc. (One-stop shop alternative for the dreaded holiday gift shopping!) They also have quail, a crowd pleaser. Try my Spicy Seared Quail with Kale Slaw recipe, the presentation is simple and gorgeous.

A couple festive entrées you can use with venison are my Venison Roast with Red Wine & Juniper Berries or my Cumin Crusted Venison Loin. The venison gives a richer flavor than that of the usual pork loin or pot roast.

Additionally, Fossil Farms gives a plethora of options, including gator (here’s my Barbecued Alligator), rattlesnake, bison, kobe beef, foie gras and a variety of gourmet charcuteries.

At D'Artagnan you can also find wild hare and wild Scottish game birds. You can try my Whiskey & Peach Rabbit Stew which will be a huge hit for all the whiskey lovers. Who doesn’t love whiskey?

Pig of the Month BBQ sells duck, pear & pork sausages and a variety of bacon--even ones covered in dark chocolate with sprinkles for the kids!

Exotic Meats USA is a fresh source for squab (pigeon or rock dove). I have several recipes on my site for these meats, such as my Dove & Fig Kabobs, which would be a great appetizer on your holiday menu. I-Gourmet has a duck lover sample pack, which looks intriguing for duck beginners.

Slanker Grass-Fed Meat from Texas not only sells buffalo meat but also buffalo organs such as liver, heart, kidneys, spleen, tongue and fries, which would all be fabulous mixed into your holiday stuffing. Even better, use the organs as a substitute for the fat that is called for in my Cracklin' Bread. If that’s a little scary for the less adventurous guests, my Bison Pizza, although unorthodox, is much less intimidating.

For the really brave, you can purchase croc, gator and kangaroo meat from Buy Exotic Meats. They also offer whole hogs! Look here for my instructions on How to Cook a Whole Hog.

As a convenient bonus, many of these sites even have recipe sections for those needing more inspiration. You, as well as your friends and family, will all be pleasantly surprised at how accessible and universally delicious wild meats can be when added to the holiday menu you’ve spent weeks (or—if you’re anything like me—months) obsessing over.

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