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Dumbest Poacher Ever?

Dumbest Poacher Ever?

Folks, this may be the dumbest poacher I've ever seen.

His alleged actions are so unfathomably stupid that I wouldn't even believe them to be possible if not for the photographic evidence.

It all started when a photographer/hunter took this photo of snow geese at the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware:

The photo was published in the local newspaper, and apparently the alleged poacher thought, Bingo, I'm gonna go shoot some geese!

The photographer was at the refuge later that evening when the alleged incident occurred. He wrote about it in a popular duck-hunting forum: 

"So tonight, I was back in the same area, and getting some great shots and suddenly I hear a single shot not far from me further inside the refuge. I backed up right away only to find some [idiot] standing by a SUV and two dead snows in the field ... I was floored! This is a FEDERAL refuge and he did this in front of several people, one of which was a retired state police officer. While professing what he did was perfectly legal, then states "He can shoot 15 of these things" to me! I just couldn't believe it! Well needless to say, the LEO dissagreed with him, and he's in Jail now while his gun and vehicle were taken. To make matters worse is he was using #6 lead , had no Hunting licence at all, let alone a Snow Goose permit. Another fellow asked him why here? He said he saw a picture in the paper with snow geese in this area , so he figured that's where he'd try. OMG!"
Friends, I have two questions regarding this incident that I hope you can answer for me:
1. If the allegations are true, how could anyone of sound mind simultaneously overlook, well, EVERY state and federal game law?
2. When will the alleged poacher's vehicle and shotgun be auctioned off? I want that A5.

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