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Do Cuteness and Deer Hunting Mix?

Do Cuteness and Deer Hunting Mix?

Here's the quesiton: Do cuteness and deer hunting mix?

Deer, admittedly, can sometimes be cute. Just watch a new born fawn stumble and stammer about as it tries to find some semblance of balance. I don't like to say it in public, but sometimes I join my girlfriend in the chorus of whimpers when a cute animal pops up on the Discovery Channel, but never—and I mean never—in the deer woods. I am there to complete my goal—kill a mature buck or doe. No time for gushing.

And then I saw this little clip. If this isn't tailor-made for America's Funniest Home Videos I don't know what is. This is charming and cute, no doubt, but is it smart for a deer hunter to admit it? We must not show weakness.

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