Can Cougars Control Eastern Deer?

Should mountain lions be reintroduced to control expanding deer populations in the East?

NYC Mayor Wants $2 Million for Deer Vasectomies?

It’s ludicrous, but it’s no joke. Mayor Bill de Blasio wants $2 million to conduct deer vasectomies on Long Island and control expanding deer populations—a job that American hunters would do for free!

Whitetail Management is Undergoing a Monumental Shift

A fundamental change to deer management is coming. Changes that can and will affect your deer season. Let Field Editor Frank Miniter explain.

Why the Whitetail Population Has Fallen

Deer populations are local affairs, but there have been some surprising regional trends hunters should be aware of.

Are Whitetail Populations Destined to Decline?

Deer populations are down by about 2.8 million since 2008. Some biologists are alarmed by this, while others believe it’s natural and healthy for the overall herd.


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