Finding the Green Hills of Papa's Africa

Ernest Hemingway’s “Green Hills of Africa” is classic hunting literature. And while its pages have led many to follow the path of the hunter, the actual route of the safari Hemingway used as the basis for his story has, until now, remained elusive.

Why Every Hunter is a Trophy Hunter

Every one of us is a trophy hunter, though we look for more than horns and hides. We all collect moments, memories of a hunt, to cherish.

Where Hunters Learn To Shoot on the Run

Shooting and hitting running game can be easy—if you learn how! The American Sportsman Shooting Center is the place to do that.

Green Timber Essence

On Arkansas’ Grand Prairie mallards are cause for celebration and calling brings ’em in close.

Stranded in the Okavango Swamps

Roaring lions, monster crocs, blood-sucking leeches and some bush-league solutions to get out of a jam are all part of being stuck in Africa.

Harry Selby Today

Joe Coogan has known Harry Selby for more than 40 years, and remembers meeting him for the first time like it was yesterday.

Elephant on the Galana

An elephant license and 50 miles along the Galana River to hunt Kenya’s famed elephant country were pretty special back in 1970.


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