Tagging the Bucks of Summer

Don’t let the heat cool your drive. Right now may be your best chance at a big buck all year.

Scouting Secrets for Early-Season Bucks

You see a buck across a field in the soft, late light of a summer evening. You tell yourself he isn’t really that big. The velvet on his rack in the diffused light is giving the buck cartoon proportions. But he is big enough. You next look at the woods beyond the buck and wonder how you can get him in your sights in autumn daylight. To make that happen you have to concede and understand a few things.

Episode 5: Food Sources & Nocturnal Bucks

Watch our American Hunter insights with Bill Winke's Whitetail Season Episode 5: Food Sources & Nocturnal Bucks

5 Early-Season Deer Stand Locations

For the most productive early season whitetail hunts, focus on these five hotspots.


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