Hunts Gone Wrong

Every hunter leaves the house in the morning hoping for a problem-free hunt—but that's just not always how things go. What if, for example, the prop fell off of a boat like the one seen here? It's happened. Learn about that incident—and a few others—in this recap of hunts gone wrong.

Best Places to Hunt Record Whitetail

If you want to book a trip that could end with you tagging a true trophy buck, you need to do your homework. Which states and provinces rank tops for producing record bucks? The proof is in the B&C records.

Hog Hunting U.S.A.

Taking down hogs is one of the fastest growing, most exciting and most necessary types of hunting today. Here are five top locations for the best action.

To Catch a Predator

Don’t miss out on the hottest hunting in America. Coyotes, foxes, bobcats and more all await your attention.

How to Rattle in Deer the Right Way

With this time of year comes some of the best whitetail hunting action in the country. Many hunters are content to climb into a stand and simply sit back and wait for a bruiser to walk by, which certainly can work. But to improve your odds and take a more active role in bringing in that buck try rattling to simulate a battle between bucks.

Late Rut Options

Not all of the hottest whitetail action takes place in November. In several places across the whitetail's southern range, the best rut hunts fall in January.

How to Choose Your Child's First Gun

Your child's first gun can influence whether he becomes a lifelong hunter or walks away altogether.

8 Ways to Ruin Hunting

Don’t be a goon. Avoid situations that make all hunters look bad.

Outfitting Your AR For Hunting

Turn today’s modern sporting rifle into the ultimate hunting rig.

Best Deer Hunting Days

Here are your best days to hunt whitetails in 2012.

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