An Ode to the .338 Lapua Magnum

Created for the battlefield, this military-turned-hunting cartridge is a top choice when pursuing big game both near and far.

Blaser Introduces R8 Rifle in 6.5 PRC

Blaser has announced a new chambering for its R8 modular rifle—6.5 PRC. The R8's straight-pull bolt-action platform offers hunters a vast number of configurations to meet their needs in the field.

#SundayGunday: Blaser F16

Digital Associate Editor Rose Bier discusses the Blaser F16, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series.

Hardware: Blaser F16

Is the new Blaser F16 the gun that motivates a goodly number of American hunters and clays shooters to buy their first pricey European shotgun? This latest creation is another in a string of forward-thinking designs from a company intent on making sure the term “German engineering” still means something special.

Guns and Gear for an Eland Hunt

What's it take to harvest an eland? Here's a look at what Ron Spomer utilized on his most recent trip to Africa.

Tracks of the White Bushman

Eland are the largest antelope in the world, and they can walk for miles. Hunters who have missed a bull learn that soon enough; most give up the track eventually. Too bad most of them don’t hunt behind the white bushman.

Hunting with the new Blaser F16 Over/Under

Is the new Blaser F16 the gun that motivates a goodly number of Americans to buy their first pricey European shotgun?

Five Most Underrated Shotguns

Whenever a discussion arises over the "best" shotgun of a particular action type, the debate seems to center on a narrow group of brands. Often it's as if the other brands do not exist, which is a shame, because there are plenty of quality shotguns flying just a touch below the radar.

Blaser R8

Like its predecessor, the R8 utilizes a straight-pull action that doesn’t require lifting and rotating the bolt.

Blaser R8 Professional

This exciting addition to the R8 line stands out as a true workhorse that is purpose built for hunting in extreme conditions.

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