Traveling To Canada With Dogs Lead

New CDC Rules to Affect Hunters Traveling to Canada with Dogs

If you’re planning on bringing your dog to Canada this fall to hunt, you’d better be aware of these new rules or you may not be able to bring Fido home when you’re done.

Iowa Creates Year-Round Open Raccoon Season

Changes are coming soon to the way Iowans can hunt and trap raccoons, and how farmers can deal with raccoon depredation issues.

Savage Arms Announces 400 Legend Chambering in Over a Dozen Models

Savage Arms is proud to partner with Winchester Ammunition to produce rifles chambered in 400 Legend in time for 2023 hunting seasons.

Judge Rules on Suspended Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

A Jefferson County judge has ruled the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) violated the law when it chose not to hold a wolf hunt in February 2021, in the wake of the animal's removal from the endangered species list.

Traveling With Firearms

Follow these guidelines when traveling with firearms and ammunition.

Bird Hunting Etiquette

New to the sport? Don't worry, just follow these 10 etiquette guidelines to avoid committing a hunting faux pas.

Doh! Man Suffers Two Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wounds

A 68-year-old Redfield, Iowa, man may be vying for a Darwin Award as he recovers from two—yes two—self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Apparently Larry Godwin caught a raccoon in a live trap and decided to dispatch the critter.


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