Ledespeed Stands

First Look: Real Avid Speed Stand

Real Avid has introduced the Speed Stand, a compact and lightweight portable cleaning stand that can carried along to the range, or even to hunt camp.

New for 2024: Real Avid Bore Max Master Cleaning Kit & Mobile Work Station

Real Avid has debuted a new self-contained firearm cleaning kit, housed in an O-ring sealed, clamshell workstation.

New For 2024: Real Avid Master Bench Block Pro Kit

Real Avid has an all new entry sure to appear to the DIY gunsmiths and tinkerers out there. The Master Bench Block Pro Kit, which comprises the Bench Block Pro alongside a set of tools that complement the block, allows the user to work on some of the most intricate firearm assemblies around.

First Look: Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

Real Avid has introduced the Master Gun Workstation, designed from the ground up to ease firearm cleaning, maintenance and optics mounting.

First Look: Real Avid Master Gun Vise

Real Avid has introduced a bench vise made exclusively for guns and gun tools. It allows the user to quickly reposition the gun being worked on to any orientation, without ever removing it from the vise.

Real Avid Introduces Bore-Max Speed Clean System

Real Avid presents the Bore-Max Speed Clean System, a line of brushes, jags and patches designed as a faster way to clean a bore with less effort.

6 Must-Have Packable Tools for Hunters

Be prepared when heading afield with these must-have packable tools.

First Look: Real Avid Smart-Torq

Real Avid has released a torque driver specifically designed for optic mounting and gun builds.

First Look: Master Sight Pusher from Real Avid

Real Avid has expanded their line of smart gunsmithing tools with the introduction of the new Master Sight Pusher.

Gear: Solutions for Summer Range Time

Want to stay sharp this offseason? Here are a few products that'll keep you and your gear on point throughout the summer.

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