6.8 Western Candid Look Lead

6.8 Western: A Candid Look at the New Cartridge

Is the new 6.8 Western as good as it sounds? Here’s a closer look at its accuracy, velocity, aerodynamics and maximum lethal range compared to four popular, proven cartridges.

How to Choose the Right Hunting Bullet

Understanding the intended purpose of a bullet and its effect on the body of your quarry is vitally important for making ethical, one-shot-kills. But with so many bullet styles, brands, calibers and game animals of varying sizes, the process can be confusing. Here’s a primer to get you started.

‘Straight-Shooting’ Advice

Iowa and other states are opening shotgun-only deer seasons to straight-walled cartridges like the .45-70 Gov’t., .444 Marlin and .450 Bushmaster. Here’s how to wring the most performance from their rainbow-like trajectories.

Know-How: Making Sense of Ballistic Terms

Two measurements are thrown around quite often regarding bullet performance: sectional density and ballistic coefficient. Understanding these two terms gives hunters an advantage when it comes to bullet performance beyond the barrel.

5 Common Bullet Myths Busted

The term “ballistic coefficient” is mentioned a lot these days, but its true influence is often marred by falsehoods. Here are five of the most common BC fallacies and the truths about each.

Federal Premium Launches New Enhanced Mobile Ballistics App

The new Federal Ammunition ballistics app features updated ballistic calculator data, the ability to save ballistics, updated ammo recommendations and a user-friendly design.

Winchester Ammunition Launches New Website and Enhanced Ballistics Calculator

Winchester Ammunition has announced the launch of the new Winchester.com, which features improved technologies and functionality, an enhanced ballistics calculator and a redesigned gear store.

Bushnell Launches Free Ballistic Calculator App

Bushnell has introduced its new ballistic calculator app, designed to be used with Bushnell riflescopes to calculate firing solutions for ammunition and rifle combinations.

Gear: Best Field Tech of 2018

Here are a few of this year’s must-have electronics for hunters.

Review: Kestrel 5700 Elite

Contributor Philip Massaro takes a look at the new Kestrel 5700 Elite weather meter with applied ballistics, designed for long-range hunters and shooters.

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