Recipe: Crockpot Curried Moose

Whether you have a busy day planned at work or want a delicious meal at hunting camp after a long day, this recipe is easy to make and meant to inspire.

Recipe: Crispy Orange Elk

A hot rice bowl is an excellent idea for lunch, dinner or hunting camp after a long day afield. Extra meat and flavorful sauce are hard to beat.

Recipe: Honey Sesame Pheasant

These honey sesame nuggets with a sweet and spicy sauce are the perfect way to enjoy pheasant. Frying the pieces in oil helps maintain moisture and ensures every bite is tender, and honey is the best way to add natural sweetness to the dish.

Recipe: Elk Stuffed Mushrooms

This delicious dish makes an excellent hors d’oeuvre or main course. If you’re looking to show off your wild-game culinary skills, this recipe should be added to your arsenal.

Recipe: Greek Wild Boar Ribs

Areas with large wild boar populations can provide year-round hunting opportunities and a steady source of quality meat. The Greek basting sauce in this recipe adds flavor that ensures there are no leftovers.

Recipe: Venison Dutch Croquettes

Dutch croquettes look like dumplings, but have a crisp breading surrounding a delicious meat mixture that is soft and creamy in texture. This recipe works well with leftovers from a larger piece of meat or ground meat from any wild game.

Recipe: Elk Ropa Vieja

A variety of peppers, including poblano and jalapeño, add natural flavor and a touch of heat to this delicious ropa vieja recipe.

Recipe: Venison Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

Adding the ingredients of a bacon cheeseburger into the next meatloaf you make for hunting camp is sure to turn heads. Pickles, bacon, cheese and mustard all help to keep the loaf moist and add flavor, while a ketchup and sugar topping complete this crowd-pleasing recipe.

Recipe: Sous Vide Wild Turkey Breast

A tender, flavorful sous vide wild turkey is easier and more affordable than ever to prepare. Your meat is guaranteed to be cooked to the perfect temperature every time, removing all guesswork on your end, and the fresh herbs, lemon and cranberries included in this recipe are a delicious natural accompaniment.

Recipe: Dry Garlic Duck Legs

Waterfowlers sometimes overlook the flavor and volume of meat on the legs and thighs of ducks, but when cooked properly, they’re tender, juicy and delicious. If you like spicy wings and dry ribs, you’ll love the combination of ingredients in this recipe.

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