Tactical Rifles Inc. SVR

The SVR from Tactical Rifles Inc. is built to order, but includes a completely accurized AR-15 TR flattop receiver, a match-grade chamber and more.

Can You Hunt With It? AK-47

Is the most popular military rifle in history worth a ruble in the woods?

Can I Hunt With It: Springfield’s M1A SOCOM CQB

Springfield may not have been thinking about hunting when it released its M1A SOCOM CQB, but that doesn't mean the rifle can't be taken afield. Let Dick Williams tell you more about this "gun for all seasons."

Colt Tactical .22

For fun, training and pinching pennies.

First Look: M40-66

The M40 stands as one of this nation’s most iconic rifles. To honor the service of the M40 and the men who carried them, the design is being replicated as the M40-66 and made available to consumers in limited quantities.

Hardware: Magpul Pro 700 Rifle Chassis

The Magpul Pro 700 series—including both short- and long-action models contoured to mate with rifles built on the Remington 700 footprint—boasts a machined aluminum substructure clad in a proprietary polymer, a combination that provides a rigid framework for the barreled action along with a host of machine-tool-like adjustments.


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