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Recipe: Formed Venison Bacon

Need another way to use that ground venison still in your freezer from the season? Brad Fenson lays out a unique way to turn it into bacon.

Recipe: Goose Rouladen

Brad Fenson whips up a holiday favorite in the form of goose rouladen, a traditional German dish.

Recipe: Cheesy Venison Spaghetti Bake

Brad Fenson is finishing off winter with more comfort-food favorites, as always with a game-meat twist. Read on for a cheesy venison spaghetti bake.

Recipe: Blue Goose Parmesan

Brad Fenson gives hunters some ideas for what to do with the snow geese from spring conservation hunts in this game-fueled twist on a culinary classic.

Recipe: Curried Elk

Have some elk still left from the season? Try this fun recipe to take a bit of the chill off the last cool days of the year.

Recipe: Black Forest Venison

Check out this tasty recipe rooted in the traditional flavors of the black forest, but with a venison twist.

Recipe: Baked Venison Chimichangas

A flour tortilla stuffed with ground, seasoned venison that’s baked to a crispy brown finish is ... mmm, good. Want a taste? Check out our recipe then preheat the oven.

Recipe: Venison Scallopini

This venison scallopini recipe is perfect for hunting camp. There are few ingredients, and it only takes 10 minutes to prepare and another 10 minutes to cook. Serving the browned meat over pasta is a great way to ensure stored energy for active hunters.

Recipe: Festive Fresh Venison Sausage

This delicious fresh venison sausage with a taste of cranberries and orange will have you looking to customize the taste to personal or family preferences.

Recipe: Venison Bannock Pops

Bannock is the perfect recipe for a hunting camp, and when time is limited, can even be made when there are no biscuits or bread readily available.

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