Favorite Rifles and Cartridges Used by North Country Guides and Outfitters

Contributor Aram von Benedikt teamed up with Book Your Hunt for a survey of North Country outfitter opinions on which calibers work and what bullets will not fail. Read on for their answers.

How to Convince Your Wife to Let You Buy as Many Guns as You Want

Here’s how to prevent a firearm famine from bleeding your soul dry of the sweet scent of gun oil.

Gundogs: Puppy Primer

Take these pieces of puppy-parenting advice, and you'll be well on your way to raising a dog worthy of praise.

Know-How: Withstand the Stand

When temperatures fall and the elements are against you, it’s tempting to pack it in. To hang in there during nasty weather, try these creature comforts.

How to Feed Your Older Dog

The decline of a loyal, canine hunting partner is the price we pay for the joy of a puppy. The bittersweet reality is that if we are lucky enough to share our days afield with a great dog, we will probably have to nurse him through old age and decline. That means managing Dog's diet.

Know-How: Stands to Burn

Good whitetail hunters will tell you to find entry and exit routes to stands that are low-impact. That’s wonderful advice, but adhering to it takes a lot of great stands off the table. Look for stands to burn in the pre-rut.

Stop Doing Stupid Stuff

Some hunters do stupid stuff. Don't be one of those hunters.

Know-How: Enhance Your Killer Instinct

Having trouble making effective shots on moving game? What you need to do is leave the traditional range and shoot in more hunting-realistic scenarios.

Veteran Advice for Rookie Dogs and Dog Owners

Hey Pup, I hear you’re finally going hunting. About time! Here's some sage advice to consider.

How to Remain a Happily Married Hunter

Even though hunters are the marrying type, they often spar with their spouses each autumn about their time away from home.

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