Five Wild-Game Grilling Tips

The author serves up her top five tips for getting the most out of cooking on a grill, particularly if you decide to cook wild game.

America's Top 5 Wild-Game Meats

We can win the hearts and minds of non-hunters by being outspoken and resourceful users of our country's renewable source of wild-game meat.

Buttermilk Fried Squirrel

Considered by some to be the best meat in the woods, squirrel is not only adored for its appearance and flavor, but also for its buttery texture.

John Zent's Top Wild-Game Meats

Inspired by Steven Rinella’s “Top Game Meats,” here is another author’s take on a his favorite wild-game fare.

Top Wild Game Cookbooks

There are plenty of cookbooks still on the market that are useful tools in guiding you in your wild endeavors in the kitchen.

Recipe: Braised Rabbit with Olives and Preserved Lemons

The French technique of braising is a delicious way to cook meat that causes it to fall right off the bone, and it lends itself especially well to wild-game meat.

Partridge with Pancetta in Orange Brandy Sauce

This festive dish is sure to be a hit with holiday guests and will work with other birds you might have on hand, like pheasant, grouse or chicken.

Recipe: Duck Cassoulet

A traditional French dish, cassoulet is a hearty stew of beans and meat that is often served table side in a cassole.

The British Driven Shoot and a Woodcock Recipe

If you are lucky enough to shoot the elusive woodcock, give this simple and sweet recipe a try.

5 Simple Wild Game Appetizers

With Super Bowl game day fast approaching, check out our ideas for simple wild game appetizers that can be made with any meat you have on hand.

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