Whitetail Season with Bill Winke: Youth Hunting

Watch Bill Winke explore Whitetail Season: Youth Hunting

2018's Top Youth Hunting Gear

Here’s our list of the top youth hunting gear on the market.

NRA Prepares for Youth Hunter Education Challenge 2014

Next week, kids from all over the United States will gather on the quad of Mansfield University for the 2014 International Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC).

Must-Have Youth Gear for 2016

Get 'em started with the right gear.

Why I'm Going to Teach My Son to Hunt

A son can learn many key elements from hunting with his dad: teamwork, patience, strength. Those are things that every father should pass along.

Member's Hunt: Youth Hunter Tags Rare Gobbler

Michael Stockwell of Akron, Ohio, was hunting spring gobblers with his uncle when he landed a trophy turkey. Read the full story here.

Stop Pennsylvania Game Commission from Altering Youth Hunter Policy

Despite that Pennsylvania’s mentored hunting-license program was designed to create opportunities for newcomers to hunting, a new proposal simply creates more barriers.

Member's Hunt: Kylie's Buck

The latest edition of "Member's Hunt" comes from Jason Terrell of Burnett, Texas.

3 Ways to Introduce Kids to Hunting

Use these helpful tips to make sure your kids first experience in the field is an enjoyable one.

Join the Hunt: Get ’Em in the Game

Hunting requires specialized equipment, and that can overwhelm novices. Here’s how you can help.

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