Summer Scouting to Prepare for Muley Mojo

Mule deer bucks you scout in the summer heat may disperse miles as the mercury falls. Keep a handful of tips in mind as you decipher their habits and movements so you’re not left scratching your head during hunting season.

Whitetail Season with Bill Winke: Introduction

Bill Winke explores Whitetail Season: Introduction

Moultrie Introduces S-50i Trail Camera

Moultrie has introduced its new S-50i, the latest addition to its Signature Series of high-end trail cameras. The S-50i features 20-megapixel images and true 1080p HD video with audio.

First Look: Covert Scouting Cameras Blackhawk 20 LTE

Ever wish you could check you game cameras from the comfort of your couch, without having to go down, pull cards, and disturb wildlife? With Covert Scouting Camera's Blackhawk 20 LTE, in Realtree Timber Camouflage, that wish can become a reality.

Scouting Tools You Really Shouldn’t Have

Some of these scouting tools are prompting even Field Editor Frank Miniter to snoop on the neighbors.

Summer Scouting for Big Whitetails

Field Editor Frank Miniter offers a few tips for scouting that big buck during the summer months.

Find Success When Elk Scouting Fails

Unlike whitetails, elk have no problem changing addresses, and they usually do so about the time you thought you could count on previous scouting. When elk go on the lam, do some moving of your own then play it smart.

How to Become a Waterfowl Scout Master

The more you know and the better you play, the more you score—especially if you are where the ducks and geese want to be.

Lesson No. 5: Post-Season Scouting

It’s time to take inventory and prepare for next year’s hunt.

Deer Hunting: Post-Season Scouting Equals Next-Season Success

While the art of last-minute scouting won’t soon disappear, most hunters know they’d be better served having been better prepared. The season’s end is the best time to get the drop on deer movement and behavior. And you don’t have to worry about busting your spot putting boots on the ground.

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