‘How My Guns Worked in Africa’

Stewart Edward White’s 1911 report to NRA members was one of the first from Africa’s hunting fields ever published in an American periodical, and is proof our association will always remain at the forefront of trends in firearm use.

Bookshelf: Great African Trophies

Great African Trophies is a feast for the eyes and the imagination of hunters who love Africa and its wildlife

Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field

Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field showcases some of the author’s most amazing tales and includes many never-before-published photographs.

Australia Pushes Trophy Hunting for Crocs

In the name of wildlife management, Australia is considering crocodile trophy hunting to make its national parks safer for humans.

Member's Hunt: Killer Hippo for All

Member Samir Suleiman got even more than he bargained for when he booked his dream hunt of a lifetime in Africa.

Chances on the Cuando

To hunt the rivers and floodplains of Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, even for antelope like red lechwe, you must accept a simultaneous status as prey.

Remington's Radical XP-100

Is the Remington XP-100 the greatest hunting handgun ever made? Consider its features, and see what the odd-looking bolt-action pistol bags from Arizona to Africa.

Goodbye, 2013

A quick recap of some of the strangest stories covered by the "Wilder World Outdoors" this past year.

That Time a Jaguar Killed a "Crocodile"

A photographer in Brazil was able to capture a series of photos depicting a jaguar's ambush of a yacaré caiman.

Fisherman Escapes Croc By Punching it in the Face

Plenty of folks in the southeastern United States have had what we can, at the very least, consider "close calls" with alligators.

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