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Waterfowl and Bird Conservation Groups That Support Gun Rights

For the most part, waterfowl and upland bird conservation groups leave defending the Second Amendment...

Dumb Poachers: Feb. 2013 Edition

The winter 2012-2013 seasons are gradually winding down throughout the country. Quite a few hunters...

"Animal Rights" Activist's Spy Camera Shot Down

"Animal rights" activist Steve Hindi's name may sound familiar.

Going to the Dogs

There are many advantages to running dogs for deer, but there are also some issues.

Redfield Revenge 3x-9x-42mm

The Revenge's Accu-Ranger ballistic reticle features hold-over points and a reticle bracket system that serves...

How to Hunt Suburban Coyotes

Gas prices are up and the stock market’s down. Most of us are on a...

From the Octagon to the Woods: Q&A with Jim Miller

AmericanHunter.org caught up with UFC Lightweight and NRA member Jim Miller to talk hunting, shooting...

5 Early-Season Deer Stand Locations

For the most productive early season whitetail hunts, focus on these five hotspots.

Quick Ideas for Summer Food Plots

These organic deer magnets can attract and hold whitetails in an area where they otherwise...

Hunting’s Greatest Threats

While some hunting threats are old battles that have raged for decades, others might surprise...

Hunting Magazines and Shows to Remain Legal

United States v. Stevens resulted in a big win for hunters, trappers and any American...
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