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So You Want to Hunt Sheep…

In land we long to visit but is not made for us, “comfort” is a...

Behind the Bullet: .270 Winchester

There’s no denying that the .270 has been getting the job done for over 90...

First Light: Our Gun Taxes Pay For It

True story: Your tax money does so much good for wildlife and our sports that...

Deer on the Other Side of the World

Here’s why some hunters will go all the way to New Zealand to experience what...

Top Camo Picks for Women

For female hunters in today’s market, it can be difficult to figure out which camo...

Top New Riflescopes for 2017

AmericanHunter.org contributor Keith Wood takes a look at some of 2017's top new riflescope offerings.

Making Trophy Poachers Pay

Some trophy poachers shock you with their chutzpah.

A Professional Hunters’ Skill-Set

Living the African experience provides a whole different perspective on hunting.

Country You Need to See

In western Canada’s mountains, great game and hunting traditions come together.

Self-Avowed Prepper

Getting ready for mountain lion.

Therapy for the Aging Hunter

Hunting is a way of life, no matter your age.

5 Rifle Cartridges That Are Here To Stay

New hunting rounds come and go, but some manage to stand the test of time....

Warm-Weather Deer Gear

The recipe for hunting in the cold is pretty simple: put more clothes on. Hot...

The Wonderful 6.5's

With the exception of the 7mm, American hunters haven't been crazy about metric-caliber rifle cartridges....

The Truth About Light Transmission

The phrase “light transmission” has become cliché in the world of optics. Just what is...

Guns and Gear for a Dall Sheep Hunt

Sgt. Maj. Kyle E. Lamb shares the gear he used on his recent Dall sheep...

How to Choose a Riflescope

Here's a little sage advice to think over before choosing your next optic.

Adventure: A Lamb in Pursuit of Sheep

A hunt-of-a-lifetime comes down to the last day in Alaska’s Brooks Range.

Hunter, Prepper, Survivor

Can you cope amid disaster that breeds panic and perhaps dangerous situations? Most hunters possess...

Stick It: A Guide to Shooting Sticks

All hunters know the value of a good rest when the time comes to take,...
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