How to Find Deer in Standing Crops

Standing crops can attract deer to your hunting area as well as keep them hidden. Here are a few kernels of knowledge you can use to avoid frustration while hunting these hideouts.

Tips and Tactics for Solo Pheasant Hunting

So your buddies all bailed—no problem. Here’s how to get a rooster on the ropes when it’s just you and the bird.

Summer Scouting to Prepare for Muley Mojo

Mule deer bucks you scout in the summer heat may disperse miles as the mercury falls. Keep a handful of tips in mind as you decipher their habits and movements so you’re not left scratching your head during hunting season.

Know-How: Throw Coyotes a Change-Up

Coyotes learn quickly to avoid your calls when they hear the same ones from the same places over and over. Follow these tips to change the results.

Find Success When Elk Scouting Fails

Unlike whitetails, elk have no problem changing addresses, and they usually do so about the time you thought you could count on previous scouting. When elk go on the lam, do some moving of your own then play it smart.

The Ins and Outs of Public-Land Hunting

For new hunters looking to venture out, public land may be the only option. And while the public option comes with a unique set of challenges, those challenges can be overcome.

Jump Into Predator Hunting Without Breaking The Bank

If you’re new to predator hunting, you should know you don’t have to spend a fortune to pursue the game. Here are a few ideas to help you hunt large without breaking the bank.

Summer Chore List for Fall Whitetail Preparedness

If you want your neck of the woods to be ready for deer hunting this fall, start taking care of these essential chores now.

How to Make Hunting Fun for Kids

If you’re looking to make a hunter out of your young apprentice, realize that comfort can either water or whither a new hunter’s interest. Make sure those early hunts are as enjoyable as possible, and you’ll be begging them to take you along in later years.

How to Hunt Coyotes Without Calls

Don’t quit the hunt when coyotes get call-shy. Instead, use these methods to find out what else has their attention, and then set up for an ambush.

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