Springfield Armory Launches Updated and Expanded Online Store

posted on September 15, 2022
Springfield Armory Store

Springfield Armory has updated and expanded its online store, to provide customers with an easier-to-use interface and a broader selection of products. Revamped with efficiency in mind, one of the site’s most intriguing new features is the ability to search by firearms model. Simply select a firearm and the site will return an in-depth listing of all the accessories and parts offered. Whether its an extra magazine, a new holster, an optic or more, it can now be found more easily than before.

In addition, a new Airguns section of the website features a selection of air pistols and air rifles based on popular Springfield Armory firearms. The section also features all the accessories needed to get out and get shooting, fom targets to pellets to CO2 cartridges.

The online store is not limited to only firearm-specific accessories, boasting a wide range of men’s and women’s apparel to drinkware, knives, patches, signs and more. In addition, the store offers free shipping throughout the Continental U.S. on all orders over $50.

“We understand and appreciate our customers want their online shopping experience to be streamlined and easy to navigate,” said Allen Remley, accessory product manager for Springfield Armory. “Our new platform not only gives a refreshed look, but allows for easier search, filtering and product categorization functions to deliver an enhanced and improved consumer shopping experience.”

To learn more, visit the online store at store.springfield-armory.com.


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IMG 1066

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