PETA Refuses to Respond to Former Employee’s Puppy-Killing Allegations, Says Such Questions Are Equivalent to Asking How Often You Beat Your Wife

posted on March 18, 2016

PETA has a history steeped in controversy. Alongside its radical tactics and demonstrations, which it claims to be in the name of animal rights, the group has long been tied to unnecessary euthanasia practices. A new report from The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) shed further light on PETA’s shady practices last week.

According to the report, the DCNF reached out to PETA after speaking to a former PETA employee who explained that PETA regularly kills healthy, adoptable animals. The source, who refused to be named for fear of retaliation, further claimed she’d been asked to assist in euthanizing a litter of puppies while working for PETA. For the record, the DCNF did independently verify the source’s previous employment with PETA.

The full report is as shocking as it is disgusting, and includes photos that the source provided. The imagery allegedly depicts a PETA employee euthanizing a dog, animal corpses wrapped in trash bags at a PETA facility and a bulldozer full of dead pitbulls euthanized by PETA on their way to a dump.

The photos remain unverified, and likely will remain that way, after PETA rebuffed the DCNF’s interview request, saying “These questions are like, ‘How often do you beat your wife?’ Whatever your source, it is wrong. Thus, this is the only response you will receive from us.”

You can check out the full report at The Daily Caller News Foundation’s website.

The DCNF is not the first group that has questioned PETA’s shadowy practices. has its eye on the issue, and the website has long challenged PETA’s allegedly sky-high euthanasia rate. Documents uncovered by the site indicate PETA has killed nearly 90 percent of the animals that it has taken into its Norfolk, Va., headquarters since 1998. 

Though the information uncovered by the DCNF remains unverified for now, once again it highlights the hypocritical, dark practices of an alleged champion of animal “rights,” which has, as you might imagine, long loathed hunters—and the meat-eating public at large, really. You can trust that we’ll be keeping an eye on the organization at


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