NRA Outdoors Announces Upcoming Course Schedule

posted on July 12, 2016

NRA Outdoors is proud to announce upcoming firearm training schools, ranging from defensive and tactical courses to hunting and survival courses.

The upcoming courses include:

NRA Precision Long Range School
The NRA Precision Long Range School is truly the ultimate in long-range shooting experience. Students will be provided with an incredible Surgeon rifle chambered in .260 Remington, with NightForce ATACR MIL-R optics and plenty of ammunition. The course begins in the classroom, and progresses each day to the range where students will make one-shot, sub-minute of angle (MOA) hits out to and beyond 1,100 yards. Students will also learn:

• Marksmanship skills used by champion long range competitors and experienced long-range hunters
• How to properly compensate for air density
• How to use "mils" and the NightForce ATACR MIL-R scope
• How to compensate for the Coriolis effect, spin drift and angle shooting
• How to use the Applied Ballistics software and the most advanced Kestrel wind and weather meters
• How to make advanced wind calls and understand how to apply proper wind calls to each shot
• How to make first-shot hits at extreme ranges using world-class rifle systems and ammunition

By the end of this intensive two-day school, students will have learned what few people in the world know about long range shooting, and will have achieved incredible shooting accomplishments with a rifle. All firearms, optics and ammunition are provided for the class.

Defensive Handgun Academy
The NRA Defensive Handgun Academy provides responsible gun owning citizens with an affordable, life-changing defensive handgun experience. This two-day intensive course is taught by NRA hand-selected law enforcement professionals, competitive shooters and/or Peacemaker National Training Center instructors. During the class, students learn timeless "Defensive Mindset and Defensive Technique" skills essential for avoiding and or prevailing in defensive situations. Additionally, students will improve their outlook on preparation, awareness, and after incident skills. Instructors teach relevant handgun techniques surrounding safe drawing/re-holstering, concealed carry draw, grip, stance, sight use, trigger control skills, reloading, and malfunction clearing under stress.

Tactical Carbine Class
The NRA Tactical Carbine School is a two-day, world-class introduction to the world of defensive carbine tactical shooting. This is a highly specialized and unique course that includes firearm safety, detailed understanding of the AR-pattern rifle, components and function, marksmanship techniques (static and moving), and real world applicable tactics. Taught by U.S Military Special Operations personnel, this course will cover a variety of shooting methods, positions and tactics while introducing mild stressors using timed drills and friendly competition. By the end of this course, students will not only be proficient and knowledgeable with the AR platform, they will have received introductory training on how to analyze complex defensive situations and make appropriate decisions while under duress.All firearms, optics and ammunition are provided for the class.

Wilderness Survival School
The NRA Wilderness Survival Class is a unique broad based school designed by the NRA for the everyday person who wants to acquire skills that are critical in most survival situations. NRA Outdoors has hand-selected senior level U.S. Military Special Operations personnel, wilderness plant experts and top firearm instructors to teach a diverse curriculum in a highly professional learning environment. Students will spend two and half days and two nights living in a wilderness environment with the instructors and fellow students. Course content includes survival and wilderness skills mindset, emergency casualty care, water procurement and purification, fire-building skills and techniques, shelter building, practical use of a firearm for food procurement and defensive purposes, scavenging and resourcefulness.

3-Gun School
The NRA Outdoors 3-Gun School is a two-day course designed to introduce and immerse the student into the exciting world of 3-Gun competitive shooting. 3-Gun is the fastest growing of the shooting sports and it provides the shooter with the opportunity to master a variety of marksmanship skills with a host of firearms in a fluid and dynamic setting. The course will offer a fast-paced combination of lessons and firing drills, including actual 3-Gun stages that will utilize world-class ranges, target systems and natural courses of fire. Using a proven step-by-step instruction model, the 3-Gun instructional staff will guide the students through the complexities of the sport of 3-Gun including equipment, ammunition, firearms, rules, strategies, safety, stage planning and stage execution.All firearms, optics and ammunition are provided for the class.

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