New Maluna Cooler Design Offers Something Different

posted on June 18, 2018

A relative newcomer to the high-end cooler manufacturing game boasts some innovations that will help your food and drinks stay colder longer. Maluna’s “Unhinged” cooler design uses cam-actuated hinges in the rear to create a better seal when the lid is closed, thus reducing the thermodynamic tendency of heat transfer, keeping contents colder for about 20 percent longer than comparable products from competing brands.

To prove this, the company performed a thermal chamber test and has posted its findings on its website. We did an unscientific ice-melt challenge, pitting a 50-quart Maluna cooler against a 56-quart competing brand, which showed that the claim seems to hold up.

Along with the practicality of that, Maluna incorporates a couple of additional features that make it worth consideration. First, the feet on the bottom of the cooler are reversible. They can be installed with a hard surface down, so the cooler can slide across the bed of a pickup when you’re loading up for a weekend hunt; or they can have a non-skid surface down, to keep the chest from sliding across the deck of a boat.

Want to know whether or not the drinks are cold? Used to be you had to open your cooler and take a chance. Meluna’s thermometer drain plug displays the temperature on the outside of the cooler, so there’s no need to let cold air escape by opening the chest unnecessarily.

Learn more about the company by clicking here. Use the promo code 1freedom10 for a 10 percent discount on your first Maluna Unhinged cooler.


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