New for 2024: Hoyt Carbon RX-8

posted on January 26, 2024
Hoyt Carbon RX 8 Lead

Hoyt has been making carbon riser bows for 14 years, and the newest model, the Carbon RX-8, is strong, stable and easy to draw. The carbon riser helps reduce the overall weight of the bow to 4 pounds and increases the strength-to-weight and thermal properties that make it warm in hand. A new cam holds energy farther into the draw cycle to help produce arrow speeds up to 340 fps. Shorter limbs work with the cams for speed and a smooth draw that is noticeable the first time you draw the bow. The bow is so efficient that engineers could remove shock absorbers previously used on carbon bows.

Hoyt Carbon RX-8 compound bow full length.

The bow has adjustable draw lengths from 25 to 28 inches on the No. 2 cam and 28 to 30 inches on the No. 3 cam. Draw stops are built right into the draw length module so that they don’t need to be moved separately and have larger, flat faces. The stops have large surfaces and help generate a solid back wall, which is easy to hold at full draw.

Hoyt Carbon RX-8 compound bow grip.

The RX-8 features an adjustable grip, Hoyt’s inline accessory system, specialized strings, a stabilizer, and an integrated kickstand. The RX-8 ATA speed rating is 342 fps, and the brace height of 6⅛ inches balances speed and stability. The draw weight is adjustable between 40 and 80 pounds, and axle-to-axle, the bow is 30 inches.

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