New for 2024: Benelli Ethos SuperSport Performance Shop

posted on January 24, 2024

Benelli's Performance Shop is known for turning out firearms that go far beyond even the already lofty level of the company's products. Now, the Performance Shop has turned its considerable resources toward a hunter favorite: the Benelli Ethos. Termed the Ethos SuperSport Performance Shop, this lightweight, inertia-driven 12 gauge comes equipped with all the standard Ethos features Benelli fans have come to expect. A Comfort Tech 3 recoil-reduction system absorbs most of the kick from hard-charging 12- gauge magnum loads, while its inertia-driven action will run any strength load reliably and cleanly.

Ethos Super Sport Performance Center

Those, of course, are the standard features. The Performance Shop has added more. A large-contour barrel—termed Advanced Impact Barrel (AIB)—makes the gun appear almost like a 10 gauge, allowing the gun to boast an internal contour in the bore, which works in conjunction with the choke to increase muzzle energy and velocity. At 30 yards, this translates to an increase in velocity of 21 percent and energy of 36 percent. At 50 yards, percentages increase to 67 percent. This is the result of a more uniform and condensed shot stream, leading to greater penetration. Barrel length sits at 30 inches, and it is ported and threaded for Briley Spectrum extended chokes. These are unique to the gun thanks to its overbore nature. A carbon-fiber ventilated sighting rib tops the barrel, using a mid-bead design set in a sight channel on the rib to instinctively guide the eye to the target. Finally, beneath the barrel, the magazine tube utilizes a unique windowed system to allow shooters to see how many shells are left in the gun.

Benelli Ethos Super Sport Performance Center

Whether in the duck blind, the upland fields or even in the bottoms chasing turkey, the Ethos SuperSport Performance Shop will be a hit among hunters looking for longer terminal performance and better penetration. For more information on this sporting scattergun, visit or check out the video embedded above.


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