New for 2019: Leica Rangemaster CRF

posted on January 31, 2019

Leica refers to its brand-new laser rangefinder, the Rangemaster CRF, as “ballistics unleashed.”

In the device, the German optics company combines its outstanding glass that produces a brilliant, clear, highly detailed image and excellent laser rangefinding capabilities with personally inputted ballistic data to arrive at the exact distance to target every time. The Rangemaster CRF does all this within a lightweight, compact design that is easy to handle—even bowhunters will note its ergonomics.

It also offers versatile connectivity via the specially designed Leica Hunting app—because this is the first Leica rangefinder with integrated Bluetooth.

With the app downloaded to his smartphone (Android and iOS supported), a hunter may have at his fingertips individual ballistic settings configured for his rifle/cartridge combination for comprehensive distance measurement across flat ground and uphill and downhill, too. At home, a user picks an appropriate load in the app, or inputs personal data from his own rifle/cartridge combination, then configures a customized ballistic profile.

In the field, the app transmits via Bluetooth to the CRF precise ballistic distance and holdover correction in fractions of a second—in the format the hunter desires: equivalent horizontal range (EHR), holdover or the number of clicks calculated to make an adjustment in the hunter’s riflescope.

Wind direction and speed, barometric pressure and temperature also may be factored into the shooting solution because Kestrel’s Elite weather meter also may be connected directly to the rangefinder via Bluetooth. This combination guarantees absolutely precise measurement results based on current weather.

The Rangemaster’s LED display is equipped with automatic brightness control to adapt to the environment without overpowering its generous field of view to obscure the target. It delivers accurate measurements up to 2,800 yards, displayed within seconds at the touch of a button. Its ultra-fast scan mode captures the surroundings every .3 second and displays decimal values up to a distance of 200 yards. Dirt and water simply roll off the lens thanks to a patented AquaDura coating.

The Rangemaster CRF has a suggested retail price of $1,099. For more information, visit


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