Nebraska Turkeys with Cabela's

posted on May 14, 2014
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undefinedFolks, you may think the life of an NRA editor is all gravy. After all, I do in fact get the opportunity to hunt with people from across the industry, which includes testing the latest gear, often before anyone else sees it. Added to all that is the scenery, of course.

I expect to encounter some beautiful scenery in Arnold, Neb., this weekend. That's where I'm headed, on a mission to chase Merriam's turkeys with my buddy from Cabela's, Joe Arterburn. Joe's been bugging me for years to join him in his tent camp in the Sand Hills. I could never do it, until now.

But it's not all gravy. Take this morning, for instance. My flight from Dulles to Denver left at 6:05 a.m. To check in, clear security and whatnot, I had to rise at 3:30 a.m. Now, at 9:30 a.m. Denver time, I'm eating lunch. Hey, I already ate breakfast--it's on to my second meal of the day.

I saw the above scene at a Starbuck's at Dulles, when I sought coffee at 5:15 a.m. All the suitcases arranged neatly in their own cubbies reminded me that I need to organize my gear closet better. Can you imagine searching for a flashlight at 4 a.m.? I can--that's the story of my life: always searching, always packing … and because I couldn't find just the right flashlight in my mind, always running a couple minutes late, at least this morning.

I'll let you know how things shake out this weekend, so stay tuned. Now, I just wonder if I packed extra batteries ...


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