Must-Have Storage Solutions for Hunters

posted on March 18, 2017

Flambeau Gear Boxes
From ammo and cleaning supplies to turkey calls and more, these utilitarian gear boxes from Flambeau make organizing—and finding—your hunting and shooting knickknacks a simple task. Each box has a sturdy latch and rubber gasket to keep contents dry and out of the elements. The two larger boxes include a removable tray and extra storage in the lid. All boxes are lockable and stackable. Available in four sizes. MSRP: $4.43-$17.51.

Snap Safe Super Titan Modular Vault
Forget hiring a safe mover ever again. You can bring this modular gun vault into your home piece by piece and assemble it in less than an hour. The safe ships in manageable parts—sides, top, bottom and door—and bolts together from the inside. All the security you want—9-gauge, two-ply steel walls and 2,300-degree fire protection—is provided, without the hassle of moving mountains. When it’s time to move it again, the Snap Safe disassembles as easily as it went together. MSRP: $1,648.

Stack-On Ready-to-Assemble Steel Cabinet
A secure place to store ammo and handguns away from unauthorized persons, the Pistol/Ammo steel cabinet is only 53 inches tall and 17 inches wide, so it can be housed just about anywhere. A steel door with a three-point locking system and tamper-proof fasteners on the outside to deter prying protects against wrongful entry. Includes three removable steel shelves. The cabinet comes ready to assemble, and at only 54 pounds, moving it is a one-man job. MSRP: $150.

Scent Crusher Ozone Hunter’s Closet
Ozone has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of scent elimination available. Now you can conveniently store all your clothing and equipment, and remove odors at the same time. Simply turn on the included ozone generator, zip up the durable cover, and within 30 minutes chemical-free ozone will go to work destroying odors on everything within the closet. Assembles in minutes and includes adjustable shelves. MSRP: $299.99.

Plano Sportsman’s Trunks
Whether it’s clothes, gear, packs, ammo or anything else you need to box up, the Sportsman’s Trunks from Plano will hold it all. Available in small, medium and large (with wheels), these storage trunks sport sturdy, removable latching lids, which are molded for easy stackability. Tie-down extensions located on the sides are great for fastening the trunks to truck beds. Padlock tabs make secure storage an option. MSRP: $15-$50.

Moultrie Camera Field Bag
This game-camera bag from Moultrie serves as both an offseason storage duffel and a tote for your cameras when you decide to put them out again. Padded interior compartments are adjustable and hold up to six cameras of varying sizes. Includes 24-slot SD card case, interior pocket for tablet viewer, three exterior pockets for batteries and other equipment, and utility strap pockets for pruning shears, limb saw and other tools. MSRP: $59.99.

MTM Case-Gard Broadhead Box, Arrow Case
These containers are a great way to protect your archery investments. Like a tackle box for your broadheads, the Magnum Broadhead Box allows you to store broadheads and fieldpoints, nocks and inserts in an organized fashion. Foam blocks accept up to 20 broadheads, and a small interior box holds the rest. Protect, store and tote your arrows and quiver, release and other essentials in the Arrow Plus Case. Magnum Broadhead Box MSRP: $23.95, Arrow Plus Case MSRP: $39.99.


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