Must-Have ATV Gear for Hunters

posted on July 31, 2018

2018 Can-Am Outlander 450/570 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition
Can-Am provides two options for 2018 in its Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition ATV line for those in search of an off-road machine that can handle all the woods, fields and hard work a hunter can throw its way. In addition to the existing 48 hp Rotax 570 V-Twin motor, Can-Am has made available a 38 hp Rotax single-cylinder 450 engine in the Outlander, which drops the price while still maintaining the performance outdoorsmen desire.

Both models include features and additions that have been designed utilizing direct input from the Mossy Oak Pro-Staff team, so you know hunting is at the heart of these machines. Aside from the muscle of the Rotax engines, it’s these extras that make the ATVs ideal for hunters.

A 3,000-pound Warn winch on the front, controlled via a simple-to-use switch located on the handlebars, makes getting out of a jam or hoisting large game an effortless process. A hard-sided Kolpin 6.0 Impact gun boot houses a padded sleeve to protect your firearm from bumps in the road. Can-Am even threw on heated grips, which may seem a bit much for your rough hands, but you’ll appreciate them during cold deer seasons—and your buddies will never have to know you turned them on. Front and rear bumpers have been beefed up, and racks of 1-inch tubing provide tie-down and mounting points for aftermarket add-ons.

The Outlander’s dimensions, 83x46 inches with a 51-inch wheelbase, allow it to fit in most truck beds and make the machine compatible with ATV trail requirements. Traction is provided by the aggressive tread of the 26-inch heavy-duty Carlisle ACT HD tires mounted on sleek-looking 12-inch black wheels. With the Outlander’s 11.5 inches of ground clearance, selectable 4WD, auto-locking front differential, Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering, full aluminum skid plate and A-arm guards, you’ll be able to traverse downed logs, rocky terrain and even tire-swamping mud holes—all with a big buck strapped on the front—without hesitation. And of course, the Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition is water-dipped in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo, a great concealment pattern from coast to coast. MSRP: $8,999 (450), $9,799 (570);

Moose Ridgetop Rear Rack Bag
This durable water-resistant bag mounts on the rear rack and takes care of the storage problem encountered with most ATVs. Two zippered side compartments provide ample space for items you need to keep close and at the ready, and are protected with a top flap to keep out debris and mud. The zippered rear compartment is large enough to hold your hunting gear, tools or anything else you may need on the trail. MSRP: $154.95;

Kolpin Universal Chain Saw Press
Here’s a mount that takes the jostle out of transporting your chain saw, meaning your saw has a better chance of working when you need it. Just set the saw body on the small platform and close the door to sandwich the saw bar, tighten the locking bolt, and your chain saw is secured to your ATV. The mount is padded to protect your saw, and to reduce noise and vibration. It’s adjustable for angle and placement. MSRP: $69.99;

Z1R Rise Helmet
With comfort features like a removable moisture-wicking liner and cheek pads, front and rear exhaust vents to keep you cool and an open-flow mouth guard, there’s no excuse not to wear this DOT- and ECE-approved helmet. And while it comes in just about every color except camo, we don’t plan on hunting in the helmet so its noggin-protecting polycarbonate shell could be hot pink and we’d still recommend it. MSRP: $89.95;

Moose Flex-Grip Pro Double Gun Rack
Whether its guns or tools, you’ll have a slot for it all with this double gun rack. Rubberized forks cradle your guns with a custom-like fit while the top straps keep them snug. Sixteen inches of width adjustment and 360 degrees of rotation allow for any angle and fit you need. Bow-limb slot allows you to transport your bow securely, too. Mounting is easy and hardware is included. MSRP: $71.95;


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