Mossberg Introduces SA-20 and SA-28 Turkey Shotguns

posted on December 19, 2022
SA20 And 28 Pistol Grip

Mossberg International, Inc. is importing three new turkey guns to expand the SA-Series of autoloaders: the fully-camouflaged SA-20 and SA-28 Turkey Pistol Grip shotguns, and the SA-20 Turkey with a camo-covered, classic stock and fore-end featuring Mossy Oak Greenleaf camo. Small-gauge shotguns combined with today’s denser, more effective shotshells have extended ranges for these sub-gauges. This, combined with their lightweight, soft-shooting and quick-handling qualities, makes these autoloaders both surprisingly effective on longbeards and a pleasure to carry in the field. Finally, Mossy Oak’s Greenleaf pattern offers silhouette concealment with its blend of dirt, bark, moss, and oak sapling elements. 

SA-Series autoloaders begin with a gas-operating system that vents excess gases, reducing recoil for the shooter and lessening stress on components. Chambered in 20-gauge (3-inch) and 28-gauge (2.75-inch), all models feature a five-round total capacity and a 22-inch vent-rib barrel, with the versatility of an interchangeable choke tube system (Extended Turkey choke tube included). Barrels are topped with fiber-optic Ghost Ring sights, while receivers feature a Picatinny rail for ease of adding optics. Other standard features include a cross-bolt safety; an extended charging handle; and an easy-load elevator.

SA-20 Turkey Pistol Grip (75799) – This autoloader is equipped with a compact pistol grip stock (12.75-inch length-of-pull), and full camo-coverage with Mossy Oak Greenleaf on stock, fore-end, receiver, and 22-inch barrel. Target acquisition is enhanced with the combination of a fiber optic front sight and adjustable Ghost Ring rear sight. Completing this package is a top-mounted rail, an Extended Turkey choke tube, and front and rear sling swivel studs. MSRP: $902

SA-20 Turkey (75801) – This version features a camouflaged fore-end and classically-styled stock with a 14.25-inch length-of-pull, a 22-inch barrel with an Extended Turkey choke tube, a fiber-optic front sight and adjustable Ghost Ring rear sight, and sling swivel studs. A top-mounted rail provides for the easy addition of an optic. MSRP: $816

SA-28 Turkey Pistol Grip (75802) – The lowest-recoil option, this SA-28 features a pistol-grip-style stock with a 12.75-inch length-of-pull, with Mossy Oak Greenleaf on the stock, fore-end, receiver, and barrel. Fiber optic front sight and adjustable Ghost Ring rear sight top the 22-inch barrel. Rounding out this offering is an Extended Turkey choke tube; top-mounted rail; and sling swivel studs. MSRP: $902

For more information on the complete line of SA-20, SA-28 and SA-410 Turkey shotguns, please visit


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